"Spirit of the Painted Desert" Porcelain Zuni Fetish Bear

The Zuni Indians of New Mexico have a close connection to the Spirits of the Animals in our world. They carve small stone images of animals called fetishes, and ask the spirit of that animal to live in the stone, and provide the owner with the strong characteristics of that animal. In return, the owner gives small gifts to the fetish in the form of cornmeal and decorative "bundles" on their backs.
The Bear can lend feelings of self confidence. In the wild, Bear is respected as a dominant leader and faces few challengers. This is not because the Bear is aggressive or vicious, but just by virtue of being a Bear, other animals stand aside and respect Bear's power and awesomeness. People going into an intimidating situation often carry a Bear fetish to give them the self confidence to stand within their own power - to allow themselves to be respected simply because they deserve respect.
And since the Bear is a natural fisherman, many people who live to cast a line into a fast moving trout stream also carry small Bear fetishes in their pockets.
This porcelain Bear fetish is designed to watch over your home. He stands about 6 1/2 inches high and about 9 inches long. The bundle on his back is created of all natural pheasant feathers, with side drops of black and gold beadwork. His glaze is multi-layers of soft green to tan earth tones, reminiscent of the sandstone cliffs of the Southwestern desert.
Price:  $75.00
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