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When the world was new, a young mother cradled her crying baby, rocking him, soothing him, trying to find some way to comfort the child and allow him to sleep in peace.  She asked Bear Mother for advice, but the honey and dark cave didn't help her child.  She asked Deer Mother, but the bed of soft grass didn't help.  She asked Possum Mother, but she had no pouch to tuck her baby into.  Finally, Spider Mother came to her and explained that it was dreams that made her child cry. She instructed the young mother in the art of weaving a web to catch the dreams, and told her to hang it over the child's bed. As all the dreams of the world floated through the night air, they would be caught in the web.  The bad dreams would be caught in the web and held there until the morning light melted them away. The good dreams would find their way to the hole in the center, and would slip down the feather trailers to the sleeper below.
This Dream Catcher was woven in that same tradition.  It will catch the bad dreams and hold them away from the one sleeping below. Within the web is a crystal star, a reminder of the stars that watch over us all in the night.  The ring is 5 inches across, and is wrapped in deerskin, with hart pheasant plumage dancing on the ends of the leather trailers.  Sweet dreams to you.
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