Stoneware Prayer Feather

In many Native American tribes, the Eagle is the Messenger who carries prayers to the Creator.  Eagle feathers represent the spirit of the great bird, and are used in Medicine ceremonies, blessings and purifications.  Genuine eagle feathers may only be legally owned by Native Americans and licensed raptor rehabilitators.
This hand sculpted, one of a kind feather has been created in tribute to our Honored Brother, the Golden Eagle, and to bring the blessings of his spirit into your home. 
The Prayer Feather is about 10 1/4 inches long and 3 inches wide.  The quill of the feather is inlaid with turquoise and shell heishe, and the side is decorated with two red flash diachronic glass cabochons. The looped handle is wrapped in red deerskin, and serves as a hook to hang your feather.
Price: $95.00

*Limited quantities: 1 item available