Polar Bear Earrings


Two white alabaster bears with turquoise eyes will swing gracefully from your ears, whispering tiny little polar bear messages just to you. The beads and the ear wires are sterling silver, with turquoise heishe.  Total length from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the bears feet is 1 1/2 inches.

Price: $30.00

*Limited quantities: 1 item available

Butterfly DreamCatcher

This DreamCatcher is 6 1/4 inches in diameter and is covered in a rich burgundy,red leather.
Woven into the DreamCatcher, 3 little glass butterflies dance along the web. The trailers are home to 4 beautiful realistic looking butterflies, their wings made of feathers.
Price: $30.00
*Limitied quantities: 1 item available

4" DreamCatcher

This DreamCatcher is 4" in diameter, covered in tan deerskin. The feathers are pin feathers from pheasant wings.  There is also a small raw crystal, dug by hand in New Mexico.
Price: $15.00

*Limitied quantities: 1 item available

5" DreamCatcher

This DreamCatcher is 5" in diameter and covered in a deep, olive green leather. The feathers on the trailers are cinnamon turkey pin feathers. Tied into the web is a raw crystal, hand dug in New Mexico.
Price: $20.00

*Limitied quantities: 1 item available

Stoneware Prayer Feather

In many Native American tribes, the Eagle is the Messenger who carries prayers to the Creator.  Eagle feathers represent the spirit of the great bird, and are used in Medicine ceremonies, blessings and purifications.  Genuine eagle feathers may only be legally owned by Native Americans and licensed raptor rehabilitators.
This hand sculpted, one of a kind feather has been created in tribute to our Honored Brother, the Golden Eagle, and to bring the blessings of his spirit into your home. 
The Prayer Feather is about 10 1/4 inches long and 3 inches wide.  The quill of the feather is inlaid with turquoise and shell heishe, and the side is decorated with two red flash diachronic glass cabochons. The looped handle is wrapped in red deerskin, and serves as a hook to hang your feather.
Price: $95.00

*Limited quantities: 1 item available

"Spirit of the Painted Desert" Porcelain Zuni Fetish Bear

The Zuni Indians of New Mexico have a close connection to the Spirits of the Animals in our world. They carve small stone images of animals called fetishes, and ask the spirit of that animal to live in the stone, and provide the owner with the strong characteristics of that animal. In return, the owner gives small gifts to the fetish in the form of cornmeal and decorative "bundles" on their backs.
The Bear can lend feelings of self confidence. In the wild, Bear is respected as a dominant leader and faces few challengers. This is not because the Bear is aggressive or vicious, but just by virtue of being a Bear, other animals stand aside and respect Bear's power and awesomeness. People going into an intimidating situation often carry a Bear fetish to give them the self confidence to stand within their own power - to allow themselves to be respected simply because they deserve respect.
And since the Bear is a natural fisherman, many people who live to cast a line into a fast moving trout stream also carry small Bear fetishes in their pockets.
This porcelain Bear fetish is designed to watch over your home. He stands about 6 1/2 inches high and about 9 inches long. The bundle on his back is created of all natural pheasant feathers, with side drops of black and gold beadwork. His glaze is multi-layers of soft green to tan earth tones, reminiscent of the sandstone cliffs of the Southwestern desert.
Price:  $75.00
*Limited quantities: 1 item available


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When the world was new, a young mother cradled her crying baby, rocking him, soothing him, trying to find some way to comfort the child and allow him to sleep in peace.  She asked Bear Mother for advice, but the honey and dark cave didn't help her child.  She asked Deer Mother, but the bed of soft grass didn't help.  She asked Possum Mother, but she had no pouch to tuck her baby into.  Finally, Spider Mother came to her and explained that it was dreams that made her child cry. She instructed the young mother in the art of weaving a web to catch the dreams, and told her to hang it over the child's bed. As all the dreams of the world floated through the night air, they would be caught in the web.  The bad dreams would be caught in the web and held there until the morning light melted them away. The good dreams would find their way to the hole in the center, and would slip down the feather trailers to the sleeper below.
This Dream Catcher was woven in that same tradition.  It will catch the bad dreams and hold them away from the one sleeping below. Within the web is a crystal star, a reminder of the stars that watch over us all in the night.  The ring is 5 inches across, and is wrapped in deerskin, with hart pheasant plumage dancing on the ends of the leather trailers.  Sweet dreams to you.
 Price:  $20.00
*Limited quantities: 1 item available